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Refining the Process

What sets us apart from the competition is our enhanced screen capture engine. It's built to automatically recognize the most common captures so the user - you - can get a specific piece of on-screen graphics in a streamlined fashion. One example of this is our Window capture capability, which comes in two different modes, fit for two different scenarios. The default mode you will find is the "current window" capture, which when invoked, captures the window which most accurately associates with the current application. This is perfect for when you want just a quick capture of the application currently running on top - like your browser - and can be invoked with either a hot-key combo or via the Snapshot buttons. However, when you need a more specific capture like a certain toolbar, edit control, MDI window, tool pane, floating bar, or dialog window, you can use the "select window" mode to choose which specific sub-window you want to capture without the hassle of dragging regions. With these different modes, its easy to use FullShot to get screen captures in a wide range of granularity.

Taking this capture refinement even further is our unique menu capture technology. FullShot screen capture is built to work with most standard interfaces with cascading menus. Since these menus are not normal windows and come in complex shapes, the use of our menu capture is the simplest, and most accurate way to get awesome results without the hassle of 3rd party editing tools or clumsy multi-step captures that our competitors may provide. With many modes of capture available for menu capture, you can get captures with or without the menubar, with or without backdrop, and with or without cascading submenus for many combinations of looks. With our technology, you can refine your screen capture tasks and grab menus from applications by just dropping the menu and calling our menu capture.


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