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Screen Capture in the Corporate Office

FullShot has a broad user base with both individuals and corporate entities. Our software is designed to be both easy to use and install for the individual user and easy to deploy and manage in the corporate environment. For the individual user, FullShot offers an encompassing screen capture software solution that's ready to go "out of the box." You'll find the procedure is as as easy as 1) setup, 2) double click, and 3) make your screen captures.

For the corporate environment, it is usually just as easy. We understand that for the office, deployment across multiple PCs can be an issue. That's why FullShot is tested to work with standard thin-client computing frameworks like Citrix® MetaFrame, so it's just as easy to deploy FullShot over your 1000 computer network as it is to deploy on your home PC. This way, you can provide all your employees with access to the most powerful screen capture tool.

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