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It's probably occurred to every computer user that there comes a time when the built-in Windows capture capabilities hit a limit and a more powerful tool is needed for the situation. Take for instance, when you need to get many images in one sitting and apply the same rules on each one - like save it as a small sized GIF for web use. It is simply hassling, repetitive labor. Another common situation that often occurs is that you need only a specific window or command bar from your screen. Using the built-in print screen key for screen captures on its own might cost you hours of work, including the time to crop the images to the right size and region, and the time it takes to specify a name and extension for each screen capture. You might even need to scale each captured imaged to a preset size for the purposes of presentation or to create web thumbnails.

To do all of this manually can be a drain on your resources, and the results that follow lack that professional touch. The problem here is that such tasks can be automated and FullShot gives you a bevy of features to help you work with your screen captures. The set of capture modes offered by FullShot creates a granular screen capture toolkit that gets what you need, and nothing more. Capturing cascading menus, tooltips, command bars, long documents, and regions is made extremely easy. Also, it is not just an extension of a basic screen capture utility - it is a full suite of image editing and management tools that you need to not only take your screen captures - but to manage them as well.

FullShot gives you the ability to finish those basic capture tasks in a matter of minutes. You can set FullShot to take screen shots after specified time delay, automatically dither colors in images, grayscale captures, and export them as files with a preset naming scheme, or to the clipboard, or even send them directly to the printer. You can also have them open in the FullShot interface to make modifications to your screen captures after you've captured them. This makes it easy to get your images just as you need them to import into PowerPoint, Word, or FrontPage.

FullShot is a necessary tool in any working office that needs to document and capture on-screen content without the hassle of a separate, third party image management or image editing application. You can learn more about our features on the features comparison chart.


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