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1. Online Orders

You can buy Inbit software online with your credit card. The advantage of using the web order system is that you will get a license key immediately. No overnight shipping is necessary. The web transactions are processed by highly secured servers. Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are accepted. Please read the product description, pricing and delivery policies before you place your order.

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2. Organizational Purchase Orders

If you need to place an order using a corporate or organizational purchase order, please email your purchase order to Inbit Sales Department. All purchase orders from U.S. governments, military, educational institutions, school districts and well-known large corporations will be honored. Please include billing and shipping addresses, P.O. number, contact name, daytime phone and all authorized signatures. For international customers, we accept credit cards and wire transfer. If you need to send your purchase order by mail, please use the following mailing address.

    Inbit Inc.
    920 Saratoga Ave. Ste 213
    San Jose, CA 95129
    Email: sales@inbit.com

3. Order Through Software Resellers

You may order Inbit software from certain corporate software resellers. Click here to view the list of software resellers we recommend.


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