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McCoy Myers ( is a software development company with a 25 year track record in providing banking solutions to over 159 community banks.
Randy Brack, McCoy Myers & Associates, IT Manager


Randy Brack is an IT Manager at McCoy Myers, a software development company providing solutions to over 159 community banks in the southwest, and uses FullShot in a variety of situations. From error reports to technical documentation, when it comes to gathering screen content, he relies on FullShot as his goto screen capture solution. He is responsible for introducing FullShot as a screen capture solution for his company and helping his colleagues become more efficient in working with screen data in the field. With his software savvy, he has chosen FullShot above the competition for its flexibility and ease of use.

"I am the IT manager for McCoy Myers & Associates in Amarillo, Texas. My computer experience extends back to 1982 so I have seen a tremendous amount of software and computer systems come and go over the years. I want to tell you that in an age where it is increasingly rare to find software that truly lives up to its marketing claims, your FullShot product definitely stands out as one that actually delivers everything it promises.

"Several years ago we purchased a server license of FullShot 97 to assist us in enhancing our software manual as we migrated our software from a terminal environment to client-server. At the time I was solely responsible for both our WAN management and our WAN security, and I quickly began to rely heavily on FullShot to collect information while in the field and bring it back to headquarters for a wide variety of purposes including technical documentation, troubleshooting, and even policy compliance. I can honestly tell you that I remember being totally frustrated numerous times when I found myself on the road and unable to capture screen databecause I didn't have a connection to our corporate server, in many cases that was the only opportunity I had to preserve that information and I recognized the lost opportunities to add to our knowledge base simply because I didn't have FullShot available to capture unrepeatable events.

"Last year I replaced my Win2000 laptop with an XP machine, and to my disappointment I found that our FullShot 97 no longer worked the way it used to. After a couple months of trying other print screen 'solutions' that were 'not exactly' like FullShot, I went to my senior manager and in desperation asked for an upgrade to FullShot 8, and thankfully he agreed.

"I'm very pleased to tell you that our entire company is now back to happily snapping away, and I am using FullShot 8 more than ever. My staff is more effective with actual screen shots to work with, and I can take screen shots to every department in the company, including senior management, with confidence that the impact of the information will not not be lost in trying to translate technical jargon to non-technical people. Customer service benefits from this, our training is more effective, and our technical documentation is more precise than ever before, and I hope to soon be able to link our on-line tech manuals to a database of graphics produced with FullShot.

"FullShot is without question a must-have in my toolbox, hardly a day goes by that I don't find some screen information to capture. Whether it is for training, documentation, troubleshooting, customer support, reporting,or just to aid my own memory, the ease and flexibility of FullShot enables us to preserve and share a tremendous amount of information with a single click, and by doing so it enables us to turn a great deal of that information into knowledge that will benefit our company for many years to come.

"Thank you very much for making FullShot the excellent product that it is, and please feel free to share this letter with anyone who might wonder if FullShot is right for them."

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