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Wichita State University ( is a public university, located approximately three miles from downtown Wichita, Kansas.
Pete Lundrigan, Wichita State University, Manager of New Media 


Pete Lundrigan has relied on FullShot since 1998 for all sorts of problem solving. As a manager of new media working in a state-funded organization, it is vital for Pete to choose not only a tool that delivers, but one that does not break the bank. At three levels of pricing and special discounts for Educational site licenses, FullShot was an obvious choice.

"As Manager of New Media, for the Media Resources Center at Wichita State University, my team is tasked with evaluating and testing new technologies as they arrive. We are then asked to introduce faculty and staff in the uses of these new technologies. Ultimately, it is our responsibility in New Media to assist faculty in the use of technology, and to guide them toward integration within the classrooms.

"I was introduced to Inbit and the FullShot program back in 1998 when we needed to produce training materials for a single project we were working on. I did what everyone else has tried, the infamous 'Print Screen button' with cut and paste. Oh, well we all know how that goes. If you need to resize images or make any modifications, the quality of the image decreases significantly. At the time, I knew there had to be a better solution. In desperation I began a simple web search and I came across FullShot. I then did what every techie does; I opted for the free trial, no sense jumping in without testing first, Right? What a relief! The FullShot product could do everything that I needed and more. The ability to capture individual buttons, capture a range, and the ability to scroll web pages and capture the whole page. This changed the quality of the training materials immensely. We were now able to add quality color screen shots. At that moment, I knew I needed to get a licensed copy. I was amazed at the reasonable price tag, and as a state funded university we are always money conscious. I realized at this moment there was so much more I could do with such an easy to use program.

"Since that time we have used Fullshot to simplify the process of sending quick instructions to faculty regarding our Course Management system. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, Fullshot is worth a million. It is great to open our Course Management system and Microsoft Outlook and produce a custom technical response with graphics in no time. This method of communications not only makes it easier for our faculty to visualize the steps necessary to resolve their issues. It also helps us develop re-usable learning objects that can be stored and redistributed when a similar issue arises in the future.

"So this got us thinking if we equip faculty with Fullshot at their desks, they can quickly communicate issues or anomalies that we are often unable to duplicate. Often it is the simple view of what the faculty member is seeing that can change the path in which the solution resides. We believe this would reduce the stress level for both the help desk staff and faculty because they both can be working from the same page.

"I cannot say enough about the product, it has for years exceeded my expectations. In my opinion, if you just try the Fullshot program; you would be sold on it from your first use. Thanks Inbit for the Fullshot program and each new version just gets better and better.

"Pete Lundrigan
Manager of New Media
Wichita State University "


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