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Pharmion (, Nasdaq: PHRM, is a mid-sized pharmaceutical company dedicated to the hematology and oncology communities.
Michael Markham, Pharmion, IT Architect 


Pharmion Corporation began using FullShot in 2001 and has been an active supporter of Inbit since then. Michael Markham, IT Architect for Pharmion, designs software solutions and training material for the company's sales reps. From training documents to help desk, Michael employs FullShot for a multitude of tasks. In adopting FullShot as his screen capture solution, Michael has helped his colleagues create effective help solutions, even reducing the need for follow-ups by seventy percent.

"When we discovered FullShot, we were designing our first training manual for our sales reps. We started using Windows screen capture but immediately abandoned that strategy because cropping, adjusting and annotating pictures was way too tedious. I was delighted that FullShot was able to quickly capture a small portion of the screen to illustrate our training guides.

"The training guides became very popular and most of the readers of the guides could solve their own problems by following the pictures we had captured using FullShot. As a result of the success of our early adoption of FullShot, we found lots of other uses for the software.

"Others in my department started using FullShot to quickly illustrate step-by-step instructions on resolving a wide variety of IT issues. Our support teams receive requests for help day and night. Many of the requests ask for specific instructions on how to accomplish a some task. FullShot lets our support specialists quickly snap screen shots and highlight the steps to follow. Our support desk personnel have seen a 70% reduction in the need for further explanations beyond our initial response, and that saves us a lot of frustration and expense.

"We found another use for FullShot that continues to provide a lot of value for Pharmion. Using FullShot Professional's unique Capture Timer feature, we're able to automatically record computer images every five seconds. We conduct a lot of ad hoc meetings over webcasts and it's great to have a tool that makes a recording of hand-drawn notes and comments.

"We've found FullShot to be so much easier than any other screen-capturing utility and so much more flexible. In particular, FullShot makes it so easy to capture exactly the portion of the screen we're interested in with an intuitive click-n-drag technique. It's a breeze to highlight a particular field or sequence of steps. Cropping images and adding drop shadows gives our training documents an impressive, polished look.

"I'm delighted with FullShot and see it as a fundamental tool for every IT department. If you're still messing around with Windows screen capture, you're working too hard!"


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