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Kip Nowlin ( Kip Nowlin is a consultant specializing in Agency Automation Reviews, Management System Training, and Microsoft Office Instruction.


FullShot is a popular tool among consultants working in fields related to technology or fields that work intimately with technology. Kip Nowlin, an independent consultant, depends on FullShot 's 'no-frills' approach to productivity to create her course materials.

"As an independent consultant to the insurance industry, I create, then write, and deliver lectures of an educational nature on AMS's (the vendor) proprietary software programs as well as Microsoft Office's suite of programs. I do this to seminar audiences and to individual agencies in on-site visits. Since I am 'training' on specific areas and firmly believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, I use FullShot to grab the graphics I need to make my handout really pop. I use these shots in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook regularly. I leave an indelible image with my material, and it is easier to do now, thanks to FullShot.

"I advocate FullShot at every chance I get. When I teach my Cool Tools class, it showcases third-party applications that will benefit my clients, and I get to do a little instruction on them as well. Now, I can see that I need to advocate use of the Professional release over the standard. I am one of your biggest fans. This program has saved me so many hours. What I can do with a single click and drag with FullShot I have always done, but it required going into MSPaint and cleaning the image down to what I actually wanted out of the print screen, which can take much longer.

"So, I have been a faithful user of the FullShot program for many years now. I wept with joy when I found a program that automated what I had been doing manually for so many years. This program's ability to control what part of the screen is copied with a 'print screen' is just amazing. I am back in control. The ROI of this program is inestimable to me. It buys back a lot of my previously lost time. I recommend this program to my peers and my audiences on a regular basis.

"Your support is awesome and it is not unusual to get replies at all hours. Not a week passes without my using FullShot in some manner, whether it is in the preparation of my own material, or sending print screens to a help desk to better identify a problem. What a boon it is!

"Thank you to Inbit for a job well done."

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