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Cambrex (, NYSE: CBM, is a large supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIís) around the world.
David S. Herbst, Cambrex, Project Manager/Software Engineer 

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Cambrex Bio Science Walkersville Inc. has used FullShot actively since 1999. David S. Herbst, Project Manager at Cambrex, has relied on FullShot's continual drive for improvement and quality support for his documentation tasks. With the aid of FullShot, David's team is able to incorporate thousands of captured images without consuming a most valuable resource: time.

"Dear Inbit,

"Cambrex Bio Science Walkersville Inc., with over 50 years of Life Science experience, provides over 1,700 superior products and services to the biotechnology, clinical, pharmaceutical, and research communities. One line of products, which I specialize in, is our Endotoxin Detection product line. This group of products consists of Reagents, Microplate Readers and our prized Endotoxin Detection software, WinKQCL®. Since 1999, your software, FullShot, has been instrumental in the validation, deployment and marketing of our software. Because of the flexibility, robustness and ease of use of the FullShot software, we continue to use your software year after year.

"With our most recent release of this software, WinKQCL V3.00, we successfully used FullShot version 8 to capture thousands of images during the most critical phase of the software's development, validation. The old Alt+Print Screen method can take 30+ seconds per screen shot to copy and paste, label, save and then print an image. You can set up FullShot to capture and save a screen and print a labeled screen shot all with the click of a button, say one second. This is a savings of a full workday of time per thousand screen captures. Each of these images captured with FullShot during our software validation process, were used as proof of a successful test script. These printed screen shots, as well as the rest of the validation documentation, comprise nineteen 4-inch blinders of documentation! That's well over 6 feet of documentation! In addition to our internal reviewers, these validation binders have been reviewed by numerous pharmaceutical software auditors before implementing WinKQCL in their facilities: as well as representatives of the Parenteral Drug Association during a TR-32 audit ( In addition to being used with software validation, we have utilized FullShot in the creation of our WinKQCL V3.00 user's manual, the IOPQ manuals, validation manual, release notes and various fliers. Your software has become an integral and valuable tool used in the development of WinKQCL.

"In addition to a robust software package, your software support has been outstanding. Any email I have ever sent to your technical service group has been addressed promptly. With every new release, you integrate new useful features and FullShot continues to evolve to meet the needs of your customers.

"To close I would like to thank Inbit for providing us with such a useful tool and for the continued support of and improvements to FullShot.


"David S. Herbst
Project Manager/Software Engineer
R&D, Rapid Microbial Detection
Cambrex Bio Science Walkersville, Inc. "


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