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ATG (, a NASDAQ traded company, is a provider for high-end web site solutions and services.
Diana Carroll, ATG, Curriculum Development 


As a curriculum development professional, Diana Carroll has to to find solutions for bringing her clients the best possible tutorials and courses. Her challenge is to develop these courses with the utmost efficiency to achieve the success needed to deliver content to her clients. With a FullShot site license, ATG provides Diana and her colleagues screen capture software with the power to help her develop impressive screenshot-oriented training slides to accomplish their critical task.

"Our products, while powerful, are also very complicated, and to be successful, our clients require training for their engineers, administrators and business managers. Our Education Services department offers several instructor-led courses aimed at different target audiences within our client companies.

"A couple years ago we realized our training strategy wasn't working. As we released more -- and more complex -- products the amount of training that clients required to achieve success with ATG was becoming prohibitive.

"It was clear we needed to rethink our training strategy. We revamped and streamlined our curriculum by developing a series of intensive, integrated, goal-focused courses that made heavy use of visuals to increase comprehension.

"Enter FullShot. Up to that point, we had been using Windows' built-in capability for capturing screen shots, combined with a photo editor, for incorporating visual material into our courses. The process was so cumbersome that we tended to avoid it -- not only was it painful the first time through, but every time our product changed, we had to redo all the screen shots. Fullshot made capturing and incorporating screenshots into our courses painless and even fun. We can easily identify the window, region or button we want to capture, and with two key strokes, it is in the training slide.

"Our courses went from being primarily bullet-point driven with occasional visuals to being visually centered and driven by the 'story' we told our clients through screen captures. Our re-engineering of our curriculum was a huge success. We were able to reduce the amount of time clients had to spend in class by almost half, and our client feedback scores skyrocketed. Fullshot helped us create an efficient approach to learning built around a visual story."


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